Big question. Socks with sandals: good or bad? My answer? Good. For those who know me, you wouldn’t need to ask me this question because most likely, when you see me in heeled anything socks will also be involved. This issue has been debated since both of these important wardrobe pieces fell from the fashion god heavens.  For several years, the look was a no no.  It was for homeless people and hippies.  But now, it is for high fashion daredevils as well. Thank goodness. I mean, who doesn’t want to be able to wear sandals all year round? Socks allow your feet to be nice and toasty yet you are also able to wear your favorite summer time kicks; in the winter! Win win situation.

Wearing socks with sandals can be a fun way to dress your feet across seasons.

Many people get nervous around this style statement.  Do I need to have a certain type of sock? Do I need to match the sock to the shoe? Will my little toes feel constricted? Have no fear, I will guide you through.  You can really have any type of sock.  But of course, logically you should not be wearing any ankle socks. They most likely will look quite odd.  As far as matching, don’t.  The more off it is, the cooler you will look.  Pick a really awesome pattern or texture and go with it. And believe me when I tell you, your tootsies will do just fine, no binding feeling what so ever.


Everyone from Burberry Prorsum to Rick Owens (One of my fav designers) have shown us socks with sandals on the runway. But, unlike trying to acquire designer duds, the best part of this look is that it is an inexpensive way to change up an outfit.  You can slide on a $2 pair of socks and everything changes.


Mix prints and play up color for a bold statement.

And from my favorite blogger herself….Leandra Medine, better known as The Man Repeller; she chooses to push the socks and sandals look to the edge with her dazzling Miu Miu platforms and yummy gingerbread man socks.  The only way to do it in my humble opinion.


So, socks with sandals are a go.  Run forth and be free.  Experiment and figure out what kind of combination of s + s you like. Believe me, once you go socks, you will never go back.


Melissa Karl – Secretary