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South Carolina isn’t a state known for its fashion sense.  It would seem that learning your way around a Vineyard Vines bowtie, LaRoque frock, and the madras fabric would make you an expert.  In the past few years though, there are more than a few names that have been working to change that assumption and the team at VENT Magazine, happens to be a few of them.

Born from the energy of Charleston Fashion Week 2010, VENT magazine was the brainchild of Cyle Suesz.  The name, which appears in over 200 words, has come to have multiple meanings.  Primarily, the name can interpreted by its multiple dictionary meanings:

VENT. n. 1. A release; an activity that frees or expresses creative energy and/or emotion. 2. Words arranged on a page in the shape of new and ever-unfolding ideas. 3. Images designed to engage, ignite, and spark one cognitive spectacular.

Over time though, the name has become an acronym for the team, which includes Style Director Najee Wilson, .  It has become a “Venue Emerging New Talent”

This past Friday the publication celebrated their second issue which is set to debut this month.  The publication, which will feature music artist Brittany Bosco as well as creative director of Charleston Magazine, Ayoka Lucas, seems to already have progressed from its stunning debut issue in the tone set by only the invitation to the celebration party.  With support of those like Nicole Phelps of Style.com as well as attendance at New York Fashion Week, the publication seems well on its way.  Look out for their next issue.