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If Oscar de la Renta knows any thing, it’s his way around a gown.  So when the OscarPRGirl tweeted us all to join her for the livestreaming of the Oscar de la Renta 2012 show, we knew there was at least that to look forward to.

What we didn’t know was that Oscar had cooked up a wardrobe of matador inspired womenswear featuring a wardrobe of jackets, ornate jewelry, a fair share of separates, and all printed.  Of course as this is Oscar we are talking about, the print couldn’t just be some run of the mill splatter of paint on canvas but instead was inspired by the work of Picasso and the Cubists.

The offerings for the Resort season were Oscar’s take on a few basics. There was swimwear, which joins the strong offerings from both the Chanel and Bottega Veneta Resort 2012 showings, cropped jackets, and little booties for all.  Dresses came high-waisted and full-skirted causing Tom and Lorenzo, bloggers who were in attendance at the show, to announce on Twitter that First Lady Michelle Obama should take note.

The gowns that showed all flowed within Oscar’s staple silhouette: there were some that had a slight trumpet flare at the bottom while others had full skirts.  One particular full-skirted gown, printed with its black and white Cubist print, complete with a small hat and cropped frilly jacket, brought back memories of Carolina Herrera’s latest showings and their mature elegance.

Didn’t get to see the video live? OscarPRGirl made that available too.

What did you think of the collection?  Do you believe we’ll be seeing it on the red carpet?