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The Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 2011 collection is the first Haute Couture collection post-John Galliano.  Almost half a year after the official dismissing of the creative director who was facing anti-Semetic charges, the house still seems a tad befuddled, even though it’s now under the direction of Bill Gaytten.

Analyzing the collection, one quickly finds little continuity between pieces.  At points looks feel very Galliano for Dior but at others they feel foreign.  It was as if Gaytten had taken the few looks that Galliano had been working on, or had sketched, and then constructed some “couture” pieces of his own and showed them all jointly, not taking time to ensure cohesion and a unique vision for the house.

The next few collections could prove crucial to the house’s future.  These collections will determine whether the house will stay true to the Dior woman that Galliano had been catering to, or whether there is a new customer that Gaytten has in mind.  If so, the house may experience the same negative reviews that the house of Valentino did when the designers switched there.

What do you think about the new Dior collection? Did you find cohesion?

What do you think that John Galliano should do now that LVMH has announced he will never work for the brand in any aspect again.