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If you didn’t get a chance to meet Christie Leigh Mueller when she came to LaRoque last week, Chloe Gould, the editor for The Daily Gamecock‘s Mix Section, talks to her about her book, ‘Gridiron Belle’ in today’s issue of the paper.

Christie Leigh Mueller offers insight on SEC tailgate culture
SEC football is a culture in itself. Everything from the perfectly crafted outfit, complete with team colors, pearls and a certain class to the season long scouted tailgate spot make Saturdays in the college South an experience unlike any other.

Christie Leigh Mueller, a self-proclaimed Kentucky Belle, has given women a look into the sport behind the black dresses, bows and Southern spirit in her book “Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie.”

“I really stress the game in a way that men and women can speak the same language on Saturdays,” Mueller said. “I equate the game to getting ready and how many outfits you try on.”

The book, which breaks down the logistics of the sport, while offering tailgating and etiquette tips for gameday, started as a birthday present for one of Mueller’s friends in college.

Did you know that Annabelle LaRoque is Christie’s wardrobe consultant for this leg of her book tour, and aptly so?

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