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          The Association of African American Students started off the Halloween weekend with their Definition of Beauty fashion event. The event was directed by Bryant Kirk White, whom directed the show last year also. Unlike most fashion shows this one was not runway, instead it was choreographed. Models strutted to the beat of the music with the help from modeling coach Kayla Blake. The show was separated into 4 different parts; Beauty identity, Men vs. Women, African American, and Life is Beautiful.

          “How do your clothes define you?” Kharisma Cato single-handily styled the show’s models in everything from high fashion to retro to animal print. She made every model look like a true individual in their outfits, whether they were parachute pants, mini skirts, halters, or no tops at all.

          The show went through the different qualities that young African Americans identify themselves as beautiful. Whether it was their flaws, the way they make people happy, their rudeness, or struggles, everyone had their own personal definition of what makes them beautiful.

          Next the show questioned whom was more beautiful, men or women? The male models showed off their muscles while the ladies stole the runway’s spotlight with their legs and curves. Even with a bunch of shirtless men on the runway, it only took one girl in a red mini-dress to take the attention away from them. An intimate ballet dance took place to show the sensual relationship between men and women. While women said that the world would be a little bit better without men, the guys could not deny their need for women.

           The third part of the show was dedicated to African American heritage, where the models got to wear African inspired clothing. Members discussed what it meant to be African-American to them, and just like the clothes they showed they saw their culture as beautiful also. The models showed off their culture with their bodies covered in tattoos and African patterns.

           All of the participant’s work paid off when they ended the show with the segment, Life is Beautiful. Groups of 3 each graced the runway to different music, modeling a summary of looks that had walked down the runway during the show. If you weren’t able to make it this year’s show, be sure to look out for the show next year.

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