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          Played it safe and celebrated Halloween over  the weekend? Well those who were not afraid to celebrate on the actual day, came out to 701 Whaley Center for Contemporary Art Halloween Costume Bash. Upon entering the event you are greeted by a large hand-made-cardboard robot outfit your eyes are looking in multiple directions, like a chameleon. They go from costume to costume, one minute they are looking at a pair dressed as rain (an umbrella with dangling blue beads) and lightening to women dressed as deer in the headlights. Sometimes they catch awkward moments of parents with their children or party poopers who didn’t dress up at all.

        If you think dressed up better than others, there was an opportunity of winning your spot in costume contest. Whether you thought you had the best non-sexy, individual, concept art, or that your whole group had the best costume. However if you did not win, but still thought your ensemble was photograph worthy, you could have your photo taken either on the “black carpet” or next to the “green casket”, to have your moment last after death.

          Besides the costumes there were plenty of more things for the eyes to surveillance, from the dangling babies hanging from the ceilings to the moving gargoyles a to the local art pieces located around the venue. But if they were terribly bored of everything they saw, then they could have watched “the best worst movie”  Troll 2 repeatedly all night. And if that is not enough entertainment for you, ghost stories, dancing, food, and alcohol was also provided.

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