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A top from Carol Copeland's collection to be shown Sunday

“It’s what you think, it’s your show,” Kari Haviland, the producer of the Retail 388 Birds of a Feather Fashion Show, said. She and Carol Copeland stood back and looked at the 50s inspired tweed dress.
“What about with a string of pearls,” Carol offered. Kari nodded, a finger on her chin, “And black pumps, do you have black pumps?” Carol asked the model.

The fitting was one of a week-long of fittings for the Retail 388 show, that will take place on Sunday at 7 p.m. at 701 Whaley Street. There, Carol will show her first “collection” of 10 pieces that among other things include classic shapes, wearability, and feathers.

“I don’t know if you can even call this a collection,” said Carol, cocking her head to the side. “It’s more like a menagerie of pieces.
I just like sewing for myself so I have clothes that I don’t have to pay for.” As she walked through each piece, Carol would offer styling advice based on what she’d last worn with the pieces.

The show is being done to benefit Clothed in Hope, a charity started by USC Department of Retailing Student Amy Woodell. Amy plans to take the funds raised with her to Zambia to teach women there how to sew in order to repurpose old t-shirts. She also plans to find businesses that would be interested in selling these repurposed shirts, to stimulate the Zambian economy. While there Amy also plans to teach the women financial responsibility and about various public health concerns. Read more about Clothed in Hope.

“Essentially the project will be self-sustaining after two years,” said Amy. “We just need a big seed to buy sewing machines and launch the program but after two years it should be self-sufficient.”

Woodell will also show a few of the repurposed shirts that the Zambian women could possibly be making at the show on Sunday.

Some local boutiques like Just The Thing, VanJean, LaRoque, and Pink Sorbet will also be showing their fall wares at the show.

Tickets can still be purchased and are $7 in advance.[email FashionShowTix@gmail.com to reserve]
Tickets may be purchased at the door of the 701 Whaley venue for $10 on Sunday.

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