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Sexual health should not be an unspoken about topic, as of 2010 there were 34 million people with HIV or AIDS. Good thing we have Project Condom and Project Runway designer, Mondo Guerra, to keep us informed and aware of this issue.  Project Condom, now in its fifth season, is put on by Carolina Productions and the Student Health Services center at the University of South Carolina.

What made you want to participate in Project Condom? 

       I thought it was really important. I think that people are disproportionately affected by the disease. We need to share to conversation, we need to share it with a younger audience. We can hope that this disease will be gone by 2015, but we won’t have any results unless we keep the conversation alive.

What other sexual health projects are you apart of?

         My own! My relationship allows me to practice responsibility. My partner knows that I am HIV positive, and so we takes the measures to protect one another.

What other ideas do you think are good to raise HIV/ AIDS awareness?

        I remember in 1996 when I was taking a health education class, and I didn’t see HIV or AIDS on the list; I want people to know that it can affect anybody. I want everyone to know that it is does not discriminate against anyone.

What characteristics are you looking for in the winning condom design?

        I’m not much of a technical designer. I see creativity as being the priority and then comes the execution. I want a design that delivers the message versus something that is gimmicky.

Have you ever made a garment with non-traditional items like condoms before?

         Yeah! In 1999 I made an outfit of dolls from the dollar store, and chain-linked all their heads together.

 What are you up to in the fashion world these days?

        My design work is on the back burner right now, but I am launching something in the fall of 2012. Spending time with my family is my priority and working on projects that promotes HIV/ AIDS awareness.

What are some words of encouragement that you have for the aspiring designers here at USC?

         Be honest with yourself, look at the big picture, give it 150%, and do your best always!

Photo taken from dailygamecock.com.