Netherlands fashion takes its own twist on European fashion.

Public transportation is the main way to get around in any main city or town in the Netherlands. Thus, making biking the easiest way to commute. It is normally cold and rainy throughout the year and only usually makes it to an average of 20°C in the summer. Tall skinny houses align the canals. But in the heart of The Hague, a city housing 500,000 inhabitants (excluding the suburbs) showed off a fashion show that was open to the public on June 14th. This night was different than any other night in the city: it was midnight madness fashion night. The stores were open until midnight when usually the stores close around 5pm. And most of the stores aren’t even open on Sunday’s or Monday’s.

People joined together in awe of the incredible event showing off the hottest new trends to be seen in the stores later that night. The show began with eight dancers dancing to the Pink Panther theme song, which was also played in-between every showing. Every model that was shown in the show was a dancer. The models ranged from the ages of about eight years old to the late twenties. The show started with showing the newest clothes from local stores then progressed into showing different categories of current trends. There was even a theme of American clothing in which they showed as military style. The end of the show closed off with two girls singing a famous Dutch song.

– Words by Katterina McKinstry