It’s not often that you are rewarded with more than an “Oh my god I love your outfit” when you pull off a particularly stylish look. And on campus at USC with construction, the recent rain and uneven sidewalks you’re not even encouraged to do it.

But for those of you who do, LOFT is there to reward!

Submit a picture of yourself – in a particularly stylish outfit – via email to loftstyle@skoogproductions.com by Saturday along with up to 100 words about why you love LOFT and your contact information. “But I don’t really own any LOFT” you may think. Well that’s fine – perfect actually – because you don’t need to be wearing LOFT in your image but we have no doubt that after you swipe the $500 LOFT Shopping Spree, you’ll be wearing your fair share of it!

Good luck!
Complete Rules here.