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Football is important when you go to an SEC school. No clue why?

From numbers to nostalgia, no other conference comes close. The SEC is college football’s most dominant conference and has been for the better part of ten years. – John Burns

So when starting up SouthernLeague, a new SEC magazine, it’s absolutely no wonder that Christie Leigh Mueller, author of Gridiron Belles, decided that football be a cornerstone.

With pieces on Gameday style, how to deal with a significant other that’s a fan of your rival team and even a letter welcoming Mizzou and Texas A&M to the league(which we Gamecocks followed up with a welcome of our own this past Saturday), the magazine’s first issue is a solid one. It’s so solid, including mentions of our very own LaRoque, Granger Owings’, Pink Sorbet and Britton’s, that we’re totally looking forward to the launch of the next issue!

But that’s not all to look forward to. On October 6 Christie will be bringing her book and the second issue of SouthernLeague to Pink Sorbet for a book signing! What better time to browse through some new Lilly dresses, snap up a new magazine and chat with Christie herself! Then of course, possibly armed with that new dress, you can join the team out for tailgating with Olly Oxen on Saturday! Hope to see you there.

P.S. How cool is it that Katie Rudder, of current Columbia-based five-year old Lets Be Preppy, is a writer for the magazine? And she also modeled for USC Fashion Week 2012!