Every year members of Fashion Board at USC attend Teen Vogue Fashion University for a weekend, which normally coincides with the University’s Fall Break. Here is the 2012 experience of member Morgan Epperson.

Attendees of Teen Vogue Fashion U were allowed to tour the Teen Vogue offices

by: Morgan Epperson

After finishing the editorial floor tour I did not think my day could get any better. Boy oh boy was I wrong. As I sat in the lobby awaiting the rest of the students for the next session a strikingly tall and elegant women whisk fully walked passed. She confidently walked right through the doors of the Teen Vogue office. My mouth was wide open I could not believe whom I had seen. Jane Keltner de Valle, the Senior Fashion News Editor of Teen Vogue had just walked right past me, with her perfectly cut bob and sky-high Alexander Wang boots. To most people who do not read the magazine this would seem insignificant, but just imagine if you saw your favorite actress walk past you, it was basically like that. I quickly pulled out my phone and tweeted: “Spotted. Jane Keltner de Valle entering the Teen Vogue offices. #inshock #bestdayever!” A few minutes later she replied with, “Hi!” and as lame as it sounds she made my day.

I spent the rest of the day meeting girls from all over the world and hearing of their fashion endeavors. I was lucky enough to meet a girl who interned for Rachel Zoe as well as an inspiring designer from Paris who was 16! By the end of the day I was exhausted and ready to enjoy a relaxing dinner with my mom and get some rest for the next day.

The next morning was the final day of Teen Vogue Fashion U. I got up bright and early and headed to the Hudson Theatre. As the last session concluded so had another year of Teen Vogue Fashion U. I grabbed my certificate and took one last photo in front of the Teen Vogue photo booth. This year was full of inspiration, networking and tons of free gifts! To anyone who is interested in fashion whether you are an inspiring designer, blogger, photographer or stylist I strongly encourage you to apply. It is an amazing experience inside the small inner circle of the fashion industry that comes with new friends and new hopeful opportunities!