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by: Cirstie Bacote

We all know and love one of our favorite boutiques Brittons (located here in Columbia). Well this past week they held a fabulous jewelry party. Stacy, one of the owners of the family owned business, invited her sister, designer Susan Angert, and her daughter Carly Angert to display their beautiful collection of jewelry.

Based out of Florida, Susan’s label offers a wide variety of jewelry such as unique bracelets made out of real sting ray skin to multicolored beaded necklaces. Recently Susan added diamonds to the collection, which causes her price range to span from $10 to $1000.

This humble mother and daughter team is a force to be reckon with. Not only do they have a successful business but they are also very passionate about giving back to the community and national organizations. Their success with the collection has allowed them to give back to more than 50 charities including the Brest Cancer Foundation, Ronald McDonald House of South Florida, the Humane Society and The American Red Cross, for which they were able to raise over $10,000.

To find out more information, or even to purchase a piece of your own check them out on http://www.susanjewerlycollection.com.